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General Conditions

How to order

By telephone at:+39 071/7211188
By fax at: +39 071/7213001
By E-mail to:,
On Line:

Sales Conditions

These general conditions of sales are binding if no other conditions have been declared as applicable in the quotation or the order confirmation of Anteg Srl.

Products Price:

The reference for the price of the products in the Anteg Catalogue is the "Anteg Srl Price List".

Anteg Srl Price List:

The prices of the "Anteg Srl Price List" are net, and exclude VAT, shipping and packing costs, unless otherwise agreed with the Customer. Anteg Srl reserves the right to adapt its prices to offset cost increases, e.g. salaries, material costs, and exchange rate fluctuations.

Minimum order amount:

The minimum order amount is 60.00 €


Unless otherwise agreed with the Customer Anteg Srl will ship the ordered products within 24/48 hours from the date of the order.
Unless otherwise agreed with the Customer Anteg Srl will cancel the ordered, but not available products if the products will not be available within 2 weeks from the date of the order.
The method of shipment may be selected by the customer. Without any shipping instructions from the customer, we reserve us the right to arrange the shipment by any forwarder/courier of our choice. Any complaints regarding damage, delays or loss must be forwarded to Anteg Srl in written form within 48h from the receipt of the goods. Complaints of suspected bad packing must be forwarded to Anteg Srl on the date of receipt. The charge for the dispatch must be agreed by the Customer and Anteg Srl.


Despite careful testing, component or functional failures may occur. Anteg Srl grants you a warranty for a period of 12 months from date of delivery with the exception of Consumable products that are without warranty. Defective components will be replaced or repaired free of charge. No liability is taken for any other claims which may arise due to consequential damage arising from the use of the products. Damage resulting from non-authorized modifications to the products by third parties is hereby disclaimed.
Shipping costs for equipment returned to Anteg Srl will be paid by the customer. In case of repairs within the warranty period, Anteg Srl will carry the costs of return shipping to the customer.

Return of products:

The return of defect goods requires written approval of Anteg Srl before the shipment. The charges for the shipping of defective item(s) to Anteg Srl must be paid by the Customer. For a return during the warranty period, the costs of the shipping of the replaced or repaired item(s) back to the customer will be paid by Anteg Srl. For goods returned after the warranty period, the shipping costs for both ways must be fully paid by the Customer. Please, take great care when returning your goods to us. The customer is responsible for returning the goods to the supplier without damage and using the original package that was used for the delivery. Insure your returned goods.


The products will be dispatched with the relative Invoice.

Legal Domicile:

The Legal Domicile of Anteg Srl is Ancona, Italy. The buyer declares that for any legal claim against Anteg Srl, he waivers his legal domicile, and hereby accepts the legal domicile of Ancona. This contract is based on Italy law.


ANTEG srl - via Maestri del Lavoro, 24 - 60027 Osimo Stazione - P.I.: 01381460425
Registro delle imprese di Ancona 01381460425 - Capitale Sociale € 118.000,00 i.v.

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via marche, 34 - 60030 monsano (an) italy
tel. +39.0731.60400 - fax +39.0731.60003

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via s. ubaldo, 36 - 60030 monsano (an) Italy
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